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10,000 cops is State of Paranoia, not State of the Nation – Anakbayan

July 18, 2010

Youth group Anakbayan criticized the Aquino administration today for its planned deployment of 10,000 police troopers to secure the first State of the Nation Address under Noynoy Aquino, calling it ‘unnecessary’ and ‘an act of paranoia’.

“Enclosing itself with thousands of cops in full battle gear is the act of the Arroyo regime which was isolated and surrounded by enemies. It is not the act of a government that unites the entire Filipino people, as the new administration claims itself to be” said Anakbayan national vice-chairperson Anton Dulce.

“Noynoy should remember that he is the president of the entire nation. Anyone should be able to freely present their grievances and demands to him, regardless of whether they voted for him or not” he said.

The youth leader added “He has raised the expectations of Filipinos, especially many youths. It wouldn’t be good for him to dash those expectations by snubbing us like he did last Friday.”

Thousands of youths and students walked out of their classes and took to the streets nationwide during that day to demand reforms in the education sector. Among the more immediate and urgent demands are a tuition freeze order and allocation of emergency funds to the education sector. As of Sunday however, there has been no word or reaction from Aquino.

He added that the organizations which took part in the walkout will join other groups that plan to march to Congress on July 26, the first-ever State of the Nation Address under Aquino.

Dulce said “We hope that Noynoy will be more open to us on that day, as a symbolic gesture of unity. He hope there will be no repeat of July 3”.

He was referring to the violent dispersal of a makeshift ‘protest’ camp by peasants on the foot of Mendiola Bridge near the Presidential Palace. The camp, which is intended to last for 100 days, was set up by farmers and farmworkers from the nearby Central Luzon and Southern Tagalog regions to press the new administration to prioritize genuine land reform. Around 40 were arrested and dozens were injured, including elderly women and sympathizing students from the University of the Philippines Manila.

He concluded “Deploying 10,000 cops is the height of a presidential State of Paranoia. Is this the State of the Nation for the new government?” ###

One Comment
  1. jam permalink

    state of the nation address ba ang tawag dun??? wala manag bagu siyang sinabi.. lalu lang niyang ginising ang galit na diwa ng mamamayan..
    salamat sa kanya ibinuklgar niya ang kasalanan ng iba pero ang kasalanan ba ng pamilya niya di niya sasabuihin sa madla?? at tulad ni gloria di ba siya haharap sa media at sasabihin niyang I’AM SORRY!!! fucxhit!!!!
    nagtalaga pa siya ng mga pulis sa sona niya tingin naman niya takot ang sambayanan sa mga pulis???
    the nigth before nung sana hinarang na ang mga nagkakaraban mula sa sa timog katagalugan.. negisation was done.. pero anong nangyari those pulis na kinausap nagsiungaling lang na papadaanin ang grupo..
    hanggang sa sila pa yung may lakas ng loob na bubunot ng baril???
    is that the real color of the newlu elected president???
    kabagubago dami ng gustong patayin!!! see theres no democracy at all in the phil.
    kaya nga tanong dun nanay nya ba talaga ang icon of democracy???
    or they all use the mind of those poor people na magtiwala sa kaunlaran sa sinasabi nila??

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