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Youth groups unveil ‘people’s calvary’

June 5, 2010

Youth groups ANAKBAYAN and Kabataang Pinoy Party reenacted today the people’s version of the bibilical Seven Last Words. They substituted current problems for the Last Words, such as ‘Ako’y nagugutom’ instead of ‘Ako’y nauuhaw’ and ‘Disenteng kinabukasan, bakit mo pinabayaan’ in place of ‘Diyos ko, Diyos ko, bakit mo ako pinabayaan’.

“Under Gloria Arroyo, the calvary of the Filipino people happens every day, not just on Good Friday” said ANAKBAYAN Chairperson Ken Ramos. “We are burdened daily with the crosses of unemployment, hunger, and unending poverty.”

Ramos called the Arroyo Administration as “a Judas many times over”. “Mrs. Arroyo is using the present crisis as an excuse to fool workers into accepting lower wages and longer working hours under the labor-flex schemes.”

He further assailed the ‘gimmickry jobs’ being boasted by the Arroyo government. “Pulis OYSTERs and the NARS program reflect Arroyo’s betrayal of the youth’s clamor for genuine change as they lack security of tenure and provide ridiculously low wages for new graduates.”

“But in the first place, who opened up the national patrimony to foreigners? Who allowed foreign capital to flood our economy to the point where most local jobs now come from foreign corporations? In other words, it is Mrs. Arroyo herself who betrayed our country by pushing it to be dependent on the crisis-ridden countries for job creation,” said Ramos.

Meanwhile, Kabataang Pinoy Party secretary-general Vencer Crisostomo dared the youth to bring about the “resurrection of our country” by actively participating in social issues. “The youth should study and become engaged in our social problems. That is why this summer vacation, we are enjoining college and high school students to go to urban and rural poor communities to learn from the masses and help in solving the issues confronting them.”

Crisostomo and Ramos said their members would join the April 7 rally of urban poor groups as a “show of support for other sectors who, like the youth, desire to put an end to the people’s calvary.” ###

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