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Youth group unveils ‘longest sako-quilt’ vs. high prices

June 5, 2010

April 30, 2008

Youth group unveils ‘longest sako-quilt’ vs. high prices

Youth group Anakbayan today launched its ‘longest sako-quilt’ campaign as protest against soaring prices of food, oil products, utilities and other basic commodities.

Urban poor youth and students converged along Trabajo in Espana this morning to unveil colorful streamers made of pieces of empty sacks (sako) sewn together.

The protesters called on the public to ‘Sack Gloria!’ for failing to curb the present economic crisis which continuous to be a burden to Filipino families.

Anakbayan said that the ‘sako-quilt’ is one way for youth and students to voice out their protests. “We will put empty sacks into good use. Tutal wala namang lamang bigas ang sako, mabuti pang gawin na lang sulatan ng mensahe ng kabataan kay Arroyo,” said Anakbayan national chairperson Eleanor de Guzman.

“Dole-outs and other band-aid solutions are but empty promises that do not deal with the real issues at hand. The people are right and justified to blame this government for failing to address the root causes of the present economic crisis,” de Guzman said.

De Guzman said that the youth group plans to unveil the ‘longest sako-quilt’ on the Anakbayan’s 5th National Congress on May 24-27 to be held in Metro Manila. ###

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