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Youth group on Arroyo brothers: So young yet so corrupt

June 5, 2010

February 5, 2008

Like father (and mother), like sons

Youth group on Arroyo brothers: So young yet so corrupt

Youth group Anakbayan today criticized brothers Mikey and Dato Arroyo for their ‘Mafia-like operations and maneuverings’ at the House of Representatives.

The Arroyo brothers are said to be the ones who clandestinely brokered last night’s ‘showdown’ at the House of Representatives, resulting in Speaker Jose de Venecia’s (JDV’s) ouster.

Anakbayan chairperson Eleanor de Guzman condemned reports of massive bribery, amounting from P500,000 to P1 million allegedly per solon who agreed to vote against JDV.

Solons who attended last weekend’s ‘final meeting’ at the brothers’ home in La Vista were also reportedly seen with suspicious ‘brown paper bags’.

“They can deny all they want but no one would believe that they did not have anything to do with last night’s brouhaha. One need only see one of Mikey’s sleazy B-movies to see what an ugly character he has,” said de Guzman.

Talks of moves to oust JDV first sprung from Mikey’s resignation from the Lakas-CMD party last week.

“The Brothers Arroyo, like their parents, are fickle-minded and cannot be trusted. All their moves would only be for their political survival. Their cohorts in KAMPI should be warned. So young yet so corrupt, kanino pa ba sila magmamana?” said de Guzman.

More than an inter-family rift

Furthermore, de Guzman stressed that the Arroyo clan’s ‘act of vendetta’ against JDV was more than a matter of JDV’s son Joey having hurt FG Mike in light of his ZTE expose.

“This political development should not be downplayed as a mere inter-family rift, or even a split between trapos.”

De Guzman added, “More than anything else, last night further exposed Arroyo’s desperation to stay in power despite the unresolved cases of bribery and corruption that both de Venecias appear geared to pursue.”

“We challenge JDV to consummate his act of repentance, to expose all and side with the people,” said de Guzman.

Anakbayan joined other people’s organizations in a protest rally held at Welcome Rotonda this afternoon to condemn Arroyo’s maneuvers to further manipulate the Lower House and the Arroyo’s clan’s unresolved cases of bribery and corruption. ###

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