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Students support transport strike: Oil price hikes add to burden of tuition-payers for school opening

June 5, 2010

May 10, 2008

Students support transport strike
Oil price hikes add to burden of tuition-payers for school opening

Youth group Anakbayan in a press conference today expressed support for the PISTON-led transport strike on Monday.

Anakbayan said students would participate in the transport strike and rally points nationwide to protest the ill effects of weekly oil price hikes on basic goods.

“Like the transport sector, students are opposed to unending oil price hikes. They belong to the sector of daily consumers who bear the brunt of the direct effect of rising oil prices on costs of basic goods. With prices of rice and food at record-high levels, unabated oil price hikes will cripple the common student’s capability to sustain his or her schooling,” said Ken Ramos, Anakbayan spokesperson.

Ramos said that oil price hikes combined with impending tuition hikes offer a bleak school opening for students in June.

“Our parents, our self-supporting students are as early as now frantically searching heaven and earth for means to afford likewise soaring tuition fees. Expect these price hikes to contribute to thousands more of students forced to drop out of school.”

“Paying for tuition will be the least of their problems when the school year starts, with fare hikes and costs of school supplies also looming because of oil price increases,” said Ramos.

Ramos said that the youth group is joining calls for price regulation and the suspension of the VAT on oil.

Anakbayan and other youth and student groups are expected to converge in the various protest centers around Metro Manila on Monday, May 12. ###

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