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State violence did not stop Ninoy, will not stop Aug. 19 youths – ANAKBAYAN

June 5, 2010

August 21, 2009

State violence did not stop Ninoy, will not stop Aug. 19 youths – ANAKBAYAN

“Tuloy ang laban kontra tiranya (Continue the fight against tyranny)”

This was the message of youth group ANAKBAYAN on the 26th anniversary of the assassination of anti-Marcos figure Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino, and two days after the brutal dispersal of an anti-corruption rally by youth groups near Malacañang.

Around 200 members of ANAKBAYAN, the League of Filipino Students, Student Christian Movement, and College Editors Guild of the Philippines, staged a lightning rally near Malacañang’s Gate 7 to condemn Gloria Arroyo’s latest U.S visit where her entourage spent millions of pesos for several dinners.

“Marcos and Gloria are like vampires, they’re afraid of the light of the truth. That’s why the he ordered the murder of an unarmed opposition figure, and that’s why she orders violence against unarmed youths” said ANAKBAYAN chairperson Ken Ramos.

According to him, the Administration has been unable to divert public attention from its “dinner scandals”, so it instead brutally breaks-up protest actions to give the impression that there is no public outrage against Arroyo.

But Ramos said Arroyo obviously forgot her history lessons.

“In the movie ‘V for Vendetta’, the hero says ‘Ideas are bulletproof’. Ninoy’s assassination did not stop protests against Marcos, it even pushed more people into the streets. The same thing goes for Arroyo. She better bring on the barbed wire, steel containers, and even tanks, because the Filipino people are close to the breaking point” he said

Meanwhile, Ramos ridiculed the statement of the PNP that there a “failure of intelligence” by the police enabled the rallyists to enter the Palace compound.

“The failure of their intelligence is nothing new. Designating activists armed only with placards is a failure. Their support for the most corrupt president since Marcos is a failure too” he said. ###

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