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QCSHS alumni to defend 4 blogger-students: Suspend and investigate Sadsad, not the students

June 5, 2010

QCSHS alumni to defend 4 blogger-students:

Suspend and investigate Sadsad, not the students

Youth group Anakbayan and alumni of the Quezon City Science High School (QCSHS) held a picket today in support of the four QCSHS students who were arbitrarily suspensed for their blog entries.

According to Anakbayan Chairperson Ken Ramos, “QCSHS Principal Zenaida Sadsad should be the one suspended and investigated, not the students! The students’ blogs have simply raised legitimate complaints of QSCHS Administration intimidation and corruption, among other issues. Yet Ms. Sadsad displayed sheer abuse of authority by giving out a suspension order.”

The students’ suspension, which was supposed to begin today, was overturned by the Department of Education NCR office last Friday after protests and reactions escalated last week.

Ramos pointed out that “the lifting of the suspension order is not the end of the fight for the QCSHS 4. On one hand, it freed them from an unjust sanction. Still, Ms. Sadsad must be made accountable for violating the students’ democratic rights.”

For his part, Anakbayan Vice-Chairperson and QCSHS alumnus Anton Dulce hinted that “perhaps some people are afraid of the truth, and are trying to appease us with the lifting of the order. If any, this should embolden the students to stand up and stamp out any present and future attempts to stifle their rights.”

“When the students go as far as making an ‘OUST SADSAD’ streamer and hanging it within the premises, it shows how serious and legitimate the students’ complaints are.” Dulce added. “They may still be high school students, but they definitely know right from wrong.”

Meanwhile, Dulce pledged Anakbayan’s continued support of the students. “We commend the QCSHS 4 for speaking out on Administration abuses. Our members among the QCSHS alumnus and other high schools will continue to campaign among our colleagues to join other forms of showing solidarity in the coming days and weeks,” Dulce said.     ###

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