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On April Fool’s Day: Biggest hoax is gov’t claims of econ growth

June 5, 2010

April 1, 2008

On April Fool’s Day
Biggest hoax is gov’t claims of econ growth

Youth group Anakbayan said that the biggest hoax this April Fool’s Day is the Arroyo administration’s claims of economic growth.

Anakbayan today held a picket protest at the site of the demolished public market in Philcoa, Quezon City. The protesters, students and urban poor youth and folks, mocked Pres. Gloria Arroyo’s declarations of progress amid glaring poverty and inflation.

Arroyo, in her speech during her recent visit to Hongkong, said that ‘2007 was the best year for the Philippine economy.’

She also boasted about a supposed 7.3 percent economic growth and declared that her government has generated one million jobs.

“Mrs. Arroyo thinks she can make fools out of every Filipino by brandishing so-called figures that are not at all reflective of the actual conditions of our poor countrymen. Sorry, but the joke’s on her,” said Anakbayan national chairperson Eleanor de Guzman.

De Guzman said that the latest Pulse Asia survey attests to how Filipinos perceive the present economic situation.

“No one’s falling for it. The pranks, the lies have long gone stale,” de Guzman said.

Anakbayan is set to participate in the noise barrage protest along Espana tomorrow, April 2, against the government’s refusal to control soaring prices of rice, oil and other basic goods. ###

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