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Gloria and PNP are the real addicts – ANAKBAYAN

June 5, 2010

Dec. 3, 2009

Youth group ANAKBAYAN today slammed the Philippine National Police for its violent dispersal of an anti-Arroyo rally in the UP Diliman Campus and their labeling of the rallyists as ‘drug addicts’, calling the PNP and Gloria Arroyo as ‘the real addicts’.

Youths, teachers, and UP employees held a rally last Wednesday near the UP Asian Center where Arroyo was supposed to attend the inauguration of a new building. However, she canceled her appearance due to the presence of the protesters.

In a TV interview, the chief of the Q.C Police District was quoted as saying ‘marami nga sa mga yan mukhang mga adik’, a comment which was immediately criticized by ANAKBAYAN chairperson and former UP Student Regent Ken Ramos.

“The QCPD’s statement reveals they are practicing the worst kind of stereotyping. Are they trying to justify their brutality against unarmed protesters by calling them drug addicts?” he said.

Nine students were injured in the said protest.

“It is the Philippine National Police, and the Armed Forces of the Philippines, which are the real addicts: addicted to blood and violence. Under the Arroyo Regime, these two institutions have instituted a blood bath against critics of the government” added the youth leader.

He explained that the AFP and the PNP account for the majority of human rights violations committed since 2001, including 1200+ cases of extrajudicial killings, 200+ enforced disappearances, thousands of injuries due to violent dispersals of peaceful assemblies such as rallies and strike picket-lines.

“But the worst addict of all is Arroyo herself. She has done everything to seize power, and now she is doing everything to remain in her throne” added Ramos.

He referred to the massive electoral fraud conducted in the 2004 presidential elections which was revealed in the Hello Garci scandal. He also pointed to Arroyo’s recent announcement that she will run for Congress alongside continuing moves to change the Constitution. Should the form of government shift from presidential to parliamentary, Arroyo would again be eligible to be elected as head of state, this time as Prime Minister. ###

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