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Filipino youth to Obama: Genuine freedom is the ‘Change we Need’

June 5, 2010

Filipino youth to Obama:

Genuine freedom is the ‘Change we Need’

Militant youth led by ANAKBAYAN marched to the U.S Embassy today to challenge U.S President-elect Barack Obama to “live up” to his campaign promises.

According to ANAKBAYAN National Chairperson Ken Ramos, “If Obama is serious about his slogan ‘Change we Need’, he should start by ending U.S interventionist policies all over the world, especially in places like the Middle East and the Philippines”.

Ramos said “First of all, the Obama administration should stop funding wars of aggression. This includes ending U.S military and economic aid to Israel in its genocide against the Palestinians. Every one of the bombs that killed more than a thousand Palestinian civilians, women, children, babies, and elderly, are stamped with the words ‘Made in the U.S.A’ “.

“We and the rest of the world will not stand by idly while Gaza is turned into another Iraq. We will not watch as the blood of thousands of civilians is spilled just so the U.S can pump out oil cheaply” said Ramos.

“Obama should pursue a different international policy lest he becomes another Bush: hated by the people in and out of his country because of his wars of aggression to solidify his control of Middle East oil supplies.”

“Obama should also withdraw U.S troops stationed in the Philippines under the guise of the Balikatan exercises, including the one that will be held this year in the Bicol Region,” added Ramos.

According to Ramos, the previous Balikatan exercises showed that underneath the pretense of ‘humanitarian missions’, elements of the U.S Armed Forces led AFP units into conducting systematic campaigns of gross human rights violations against the Filipino people.

“More importantly, Obama should withdraw U.S support for the tyrannical rule of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. She has long been the target of the people’s anger for her anti-people policies and fascist rule. The people want nothing less than to make her accountable for her sins,” said Ramos.    ###

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