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Despite suspension of classes, youth group vows to spread ‘virus’:

June 5, 2010

June 7, 2009

Despite suspension of classes, youth group vows to spread ‘virus’

“Don’t self-quarantine your outrage, infect everyone with your desire for change.”

This was the message of ANAKBAYAN chairperson Ken Ramos as he urged youths today to join anti-Chacha protests despite the CHED order moving the opening of classes to June 15.

“Like a real virus, outrage against the railroading of HR 1109 is infectious. But unlike swine flu, we want it to spread. It won’t infect anyone if we stay at home and/or stay silent. That’s why we urged everyone to go out and make themselves heard” said Ramos.

Ramos presented several ways how the youth could ‘spread the virus’.

“Tell everyone you know you’re against Chacha. Spread it through text and the internet. Make your own anti-Chacha artworks and stick them anywhere, whether its cyberspace or real-space. Make your own ‘anti-Chacha freedom wall’ so other people can express themselves. If you see If you’re driving and encountered a street protest, beep your horn to show your support. You could even organize your own noise barrage near your home or school, preferrably every 11:09. But most of all, join the protest on June 10”.

Meanwhile, Ramos had the opposite advice to Palace officials, telling them to ‘shut up’ and ‘put themselves in self-quarantine’.

“They have symptoms of ‘Gloria flu’, such as compulsive lying to the Filipino people. They say that they had no hand in the railroading of HR 1109, that Con-Ass will not be used to extend Gloria’s term, etc. But Gloria said way back in 2001 that she would not push for Chacha. She also said in 2004 she would not run for president. For the sake of the country’s health, they should just shut up and put themselves in self-quarantine”. ###

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