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Blares of protest ‘serenade’ Malacanang this Valentine’s – Anakbayan

June 5, 2010

February 14, 2008

Blares of protest ‘serenade’ Malacanang this Valentine’s – Anakbayan
Youth groups announce contingent for Ayala rally Friday

Youth group Anakbayan today linked up with other people’s organizations in a ‘Metro-wide Black Valentine’ noise barrage against corruption and tyranny in preparation for Friday’s huge anti-Arroyo rally.

Anakbayan manned the protest centers along Morayta, Trabajo-Espana and Monumento.

The youth group said that for this year’s Valentine’s Day, youth and students would serenade Arroyo, the First Family and their cohorts not with sweet songs but with blares of protest.

“Who was is that said, ‘Love is a given, hatred is acquired’? This day of hearts we take cue from Mr. Jun Lozada, that love of family pertains to love of country. It is with this love that we hate. We join other sectors in society in voicing out our overwhelming hatred for the Arroyo administration,” said Anakbayan national chairperson Eleanor de Guzman.

De Guzman said that Anakbayan and other youth organizations, student councils, campus publications and youth Christian groups have recently forged the broadest unity calling on Arroyo to step down from power.

She said that a huge youth contingent from different schools, universities and communities would hold a separate assembly in tomorrow’s Ayala rally ‘to mark the youth’s participation and collective clamor for regime change.’

“We call on our fellow youth to join us, wear red as a symbol of the youth’s love and hatred.”

The youth contingent is set to converge at 3:00 in the afternoon tomorrow at Rustan’s in Ayala. ###

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